Compelling Content Creation for Business [Beginner’s Guide]

Content creation for business has become a core principle in most marketing strategies. It’s estimated that 46% of companies increased their content creation spending this year. It’s a growing trend as digital marketing continues to outgrow traditional marketing strategies. Creating compelling content for your business requires a deep understanding of your audience. With skillful learning,Continue reading “Compelling Content Creation for Business [Beginner’s Guide]”

11 Small Business Blog Mistakes That Sabotage Marketing Efforts

Making critical small business blog mistakes can quickly hinder your company’s marketing strategy and send your SERPs rankings into the dark internet abyss. So—avoiding these mistakes is essential to an overall successful online marketing campaign.  In fact, according to a study conducted by Sistrix, websites that appear in the first three positions of Google search resultsContinue reading “11 Small Business Blog Mistakes That Sabotage Marketing Efforts”