10 Powerful Marketing Campaign Ideas for Small Business

It’s hard to tread fresh ground or develop unique marketing campaign ideas for small business when it seems there’s no originality left to uncover–haven’t people tried everything already? Often, this means amateur marketers will aim for “shock content,” which brings up feelings of frustration, annoyance, and even disgust in consumers. This type of incredulous approachContinue reading “10 Powerful Marketing Campaign Ideas for Small Business”

Business 101: How Do You Identify Your Target Audience?

Identifying your target audience lays the foundation for a successful marketing strategy. If you get your target audience wrong, the rest of your marketing strategy becomes futile and will lead to very few, if any, customers. But how do you identify your target audience? Understanding your target audience helps you create successful campaigns and developContinue reading “Business 101: How Do You Identify Your Target Audience?”

Compelling Content Creation for Business [Beginner’s Guide]

Content creation for business has become a core principle in most marketing strategies. It’s estimated that 46% of companies increased their content creation spending this year. It’s a growing trend as digital marketing continues to outgrow traditional marketing strategies. Creating compelling content for your business requires a deep understanding of your audience. With skillful learning,Continue reading “Compelling Content Creation for Business [Beginner’s Guide]”

How To Conduct Competitor Analysis in Marketing Campaigns

When you’re launching your marketing campaign, it’s absolutely vital to get a feel for the competition. Competitor analysis in marketing can make all the difference in the success of your brand by letting you know what your competition is offering, what customers are looking for in services like yours, and how you can stand outContinue reading “How To Conduct Competitor Analysis in Marketing Campaigns”

What Is the Intent of Black Hat SEO Tactics? (Good or Bad?)

Have you ever visited a website that felt slightly “off?”Has any particular site made your overall browsing experience extremely frustrating? Perhaps you couldn’t put your finger on why or what but knew something wasn’t right. It’s possible that the website you’re browsing is using black hat SEO tactics. But if these websites are so frustrating forContinue reading “What Is the Intent of Black Hat SEO Tactics? (Good or Bad?)”

Grasping Fundamental SEO Terminologies (A Beginners Guide)

The internet connects people and information more than ever. Whether you’re reading breaking news, staying in touch with college roommates, or streaming entertainment, virtually everyone is plugged in. So, understanding fundamental SEO terminologies is becoming increasingly essential to your online marketing efforts. Enhancing your small business’s online presence takes more effort than slapping together aContinue reading “Grasping Fundamental SEO Terminologies (A Beginners Guide)”

50 Worthwhile Content Ideas for Craft Business Blogs

Creative owners of craft business blogs will likely tell you it’s an awarding endeavor. Technology, social media, and other resources have significantly impacted small business owners in the past ten years, especially in the craft industry. There are thousands of niche crafts. It’s possible you include all things crafty in your blog, or maybe youContinue reading “50 Worthwhile Content Ideas for Craft Business Blogs”

Forming an Online Marketing Sales Funnel [Beginner’s Guide]

What if there were a tool to help you spend less time cultivating online sales leads and more time running your business? Better yet, what about finally achieving a healthy work-life balance and increasing online sales revenue? Forming an online marketing sales funnel is an effective way to smoothly and naturally convert leads into sales.Continue reading “Forming an Online Marketing Sales Funnel [Beginner’s Guide]”

A Guide To Setting Your Social Media Marketing Initiatives

Putting your business out there for the world to see can be intimidating, but to be successful, you’ll need to connect with your target audience effectively. Social media is the best way to do this, and setting your social media marketing initiatives is an essential part of that process. But where do you begin?  ThereContinue reading “A Guide To Setting Your Social Media Marketing Initiatives”

73 Blog Ideas for HVAC Business Owners

Amidst all the air conditioning fixes and furnace maintenance jobs, you may wonder if incorporating a blog into your HVAC business marketing strategy is worth the effort. Do you want to increase your organic search traffic in search engines or display your authority in the industry? If so, you may consider building an online presenceContinue reading “73 Blog Ideas for HVAC Business Owners”