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Hello! I’m Chris, and I’d like to officially welcome you to my website! I hope you enjoy your time poking around and get a good sense of the experience and abilities I bring to the world of content creation. Here are a few highlights from my career in the content writing industry.


Editor > QA Specialist > Senior Editor

WordAgents is a renowned SEO content agency that employs over 500 writers and develops high-ranking content for clients in various niches across the web. 

My professional experience at WordAgents is marked by steady growth and development. After onboarding as a standard editor, I quickly refined my skills and achieved the proficiency to move up the ranks.


As an editor, I was responsible for ensuring that the articles produced by company writers met the highest standards of quality. I worked closely with writers, providing feedback on their work and making sure that all content was well-researched, engaging, and free of errors.

QA Specialist 

After a short stint as a standard editor, I took on new and exciting challenges in the Quality Assurance Department as a QA Specialist. In this role, I was responsible for upholding the quality standards of all company-produced content and that clients were fully satisfied with their final product. I worked alongside a team of editors to review articles, identify areas for improvement, and accommodate client revision requests.

During my time as a QA Specialist, I gained a deeper understanding of the editorial process and became an expert in identifying and addressing issues with content. I also played a key role in training and mentoring new writers, helping them to develop the skills they needed to succeed in their roles.

Senior Editor 

Most recently, I moved into the exciting and fast-paced role of Senior Editor. In this current position, I’m responsible for leading the editorial department in direct report to the company’s Chief Operating Officer. As part of my routine duties, I oversee the work of all editors and work closely with upper management and clients to ensure that all content meets or exceeds expectations.

Other primary responsibilities include:

  • Helping to develop and implement new editorial processes and workflows to streamline the production of high-quality content. 
  • Recruiting and training new editors with the intention of building a talented and dynamic team.
  • Managing workflow and routing assignments according to current policies and procedures.

Inspire Media

Chief Operating Officer

(bio & work experience description coming soon)


TV/Movie News Writer

Screen Rant is an entertainment site offering news in the fields of television, movies, video games, and film theories. Launched in 2003 by Vic Holtreman, the platform was eventually acquired by Valnet Inc. Screenrant.com currently attracts over 5 million monthly visitors.

My role as a TV/Movie News Writer for ScreenRant involved researching and writing stories on breaking news in the television and movie industry. This role required me to stay current on the latest industry developments, including new movie and TV show releases, casting announcements, and industry trends.

During my time in this role, I gained a deeper understanding of the entertainment industry, including its key players, major studios, and distribution channels. I learned how to spot newsworthy stories, conduct research to verify information, and write articles that were engaging, informative, and easy to read.

I created all written and visual content in Screen Rant’s custom WordPress CMS (Content Management System). This included:

  • Writing and Formatting Articles: I wrote articles directly in the WordPress CMS, using its built-in editor to format text, add links and images, and structure the content in a way that was easy to read and engaging for the audience.
  • Creating Visual Content: In addition to writing, I also created visual content for ScreenRant to accompany my articles. I would use various image editing tools to design these graphics before uploading them to the CMS.
  • Embedding Videos: I also had the ability to embed videos directly into my articles using the WordPress CMS. This allowed me to add video content to my written articles, making them more dynamic and engaging for readers.