50 Worthwhile Content Ideas for Craft Business Blogs

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Creative owners of craft business blogs will likely tell you it’s an awarding endeavor. Technology, social media, and other resources have significantly impacted small business owners in the past ten years, especially in the craft industry. There are thousands of niche crafts.

It’s possible you include all things crafty in your blog, or maybe you are an expert in one specific part of the crafting world and focus your blog on that niche. While the crafting process might come naturally to you, sometimes running a blog for your craft business doesn’t come so easily. 

Writer’s block is no joke. If you are stuck on content ideas or want to freshen up the content you already have, the following ideas will give you enough content to motivate you to start today! Better yet, having content on your craft business blog with these titles will raise your rank in search engines.

Let’s get started!

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“How To” Posts for Craft Business Blogs

Craft business blogs are a great way to display all your creations for your readers. More than likely, your audience is scrolling through your blog thinking, “how did they make that!!” Well, grab their attention and teach them your ways with these blog post titles:

  1. How To Organize Your Craft Supplies
  2. How To Make Money Selling Crafts
  3. How To Be Successful At A Craft Show
  4. How To Start A Craft Business
  5. How To Stage Crafts For Online Selling
  6. How To Make A Living With A Craft Blog
  7. How To Price Your Crafts
  8. How To Get Your First Customer
  9. How To Make The Perfect X (craft you sell)
  10. How To Package Your Crafts For Shipping
  11. How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Craft Business

Informational & Resource Posts for Craft Business Blogs

Any crafty person can walk into a craft store and hope they get everything they need for their project. You might know that happens more than we think. Blog posts dedicated to the information you provide or suggest give your readers trust in your brand, and your craft business blogs are bookmarked for them to return to.

  1. The Ultimate Craft Cheat Sheet
  2. [#] Startup Craft Ideas For Beginners
  3. [#] Answers To The Frequently Asked Questions About Crafts
  4. Best Video Tutorials For Making Crafts
  5. All Of The Go-To Resources On Making Crafts
  6. [#] Pinterest Accounts To Start Following Now
  7. Top Do’s And Don’ts To Selling Your Crafts Online
  8. Complete Guide To Starting A Craft Business
  9. Writing The Perfect Product Description For Your Crafts
  10. Choosing The Right Product
    1. Which glue to use on X surface
    2. Acrilyc paint vs. Latex paint
    3. Yarn weight for a blanket
  11. What to Include in your “How To” Tutorials
Mini pumpkin craft using tooth picks and paper

Holiday Tips & Advice Posts for Craft Business Blogs

The holidays are prime time for craft business blogs. From gifts to decorating, holiday blog posts are a constant hit and can be referenced for years. Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Halloween, every holiday gives a reason to craft something fun!

  1. Crafts That Are A Hot Sell This [Holiday] or [Year]
  2. DIY Fall Wreaths You Can Craft In 1 Hour
  3. Should You Charge More For Your Crafts During Christmas?
  4. How Far Ahead Should You Start Making A Holiday Craft
  5. Advice For Crafting A Baby Blanket
  6. Personalized Crafts For The Perfect Gift
  7. [#] Easy Christmas Crafts To Sell For A Profit
  8. Cute Christmas Tree Ornament Crafts
  9. Make Your House Smell Like Christmas All Year With This Hack
  10. Get Endless Compliments From This DIY Easter Basket
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Checklists for Craft Business Blogs

Someone searching out craft business blogs for craft ideas might already have a good idea of how to craft them. Clicking on a post full of reading and jargon can turn them away. Having a checklist format for step-by-step information and a materials list will give the reader exactly what they came to your site for! Plus, checklists make a great freebie to offer readers when they sign up or subscribe.

  1. Full Supply List To Prepare For A Craft Show
  2. DIY 30-Day Calendar Plus A Free Template
  3. List Of Materials Needed For [X] Project
  4. [X] Lists For A Bullet Journal
  5. Organize Your Life With This Crafted List
  6. Use This Checklist Before You Sell Any Crafts
  7. Your Go-To Checklist For Canvas Painting
  8. Whole House Deep Cleaning Checklist
  9. Free Printable Craft Making Checklist
  10. First Time Selling Crafts? We Have A Checklist For That
  11. A Massive List Of All Crafting Materials
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Product Comparison Posts

Use your expert knowledge to help your readers gain trust in your content. Not knowing even a slight difference between products could result in a very unhappy customer. Content that educates your readers on the correct products effectively boosts traffic to your site.

  1. JoAnn’s or Michaels? What Each Store Has The Best Of
  2. The Big Difference Between The Cricut Joy And The Cricut Explore Air 2
  3. Knitting Or Crochet – Which Is Faster?
  4. DIY Decor Compared To Designer Decor
  5. Top Selling Crafts On Etsy Compared To Facebook
  6. Learning A New Craft? Which Platform Has The Best Tutorials
  7. We Tried Every [craft product] So You Don’t Have To – Here Are The Results

Final Thoughts

Running craft business blogs is a very rewarding component of your brand. Keeping up to date with content and making it engaging can be the most frustrating part. Hopefully, with this list of 50 post title ideas, you can get to planning months of blog content!

Do you have any awesome blog post titles for craft businesses? Talk about it in our comment section, and check out our latest posts!


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