73 Blog Ideas for HVAC Business Owners

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Amidst all the air conditioning fixes and furnace maintenance jobs, you may wonder if incorporating a blog into your HVAC business marketing strategy is worth the effort. Do you want to increase your organic search traffic in search engines or display your authority in the industry? If so, you may consider building an online presence with some of these blog ideas for HVAC business owners. 

The problem is, where do you start? You have all the knowledge, training, and expertise—you’re a certified HVAC expert, and your business employs the best technicians. But how can you convey your wisdom to potential customers in a friendly and professional way?

This post offers several blog topic ideas on how to build your HVAC business blog from the ground up. From “How To” guides to informational articles to essential checklists, you’ll quickly start showcasing why you’re the go-to professionals in the HVAC industry. We also offer tips to help homeowners easily find your business in your local area. 

Let’s dive in!

“How To” Guides

“How To” guides are a great way to build foundational evergreen content into your HVAC business blog. The more “free” knowledge you offer homeowners, the more likely they will think of your business when major problems arise. 

Here are a few ideas to consider when getting started.

1. How To Stop Condensation From Forming on Your AC Ducts

2. How To Decipher What Size AC Unit Your Home Needs

3. How To Install a Window AC Unit

4. How To Determine If Your AC System Runs Efficiently

5. How To Tell If Your AC System Is Energy Efficient 

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6. How To Clean Your Dryer Vents

7. How To Regulate Your Home’s Humidity Levels

8. How To Determine If Your Heating System Is Efficient 

9. How To Save Money on Your Heating Bill

10. How To Save Money on Your Cooling Bill

11. How To Replace Your Home’s Vent Covers

12. How To Relight Your Furnace Pilot Safely

13. How To Add Extra Support To Your Window AC Unit

14. How To Maintain Your Optimal Sleeping Temperature

15. How To Get the Best Results From Your New HVAC System

16. How To Tell When It’s Time To Replace Your Heating & Cooling System 

17. How To Get the Best Price on a New HVAC System

18. How To Know When Your AC Filter Needs Replacing 

19. How To Strategically Place Your Home Thermostat 

20. How To Find the Best Local HVAC Company 

Informational Articles & Resource Posts

People are constantly searching for information and resources—and for various reasons. Maybe they have a big decision coming up, or maybe they’re just curious about something. Either way, why not be the source to satisfy their needs? Informational and resource posts are great for building foundational evergreen content into your small business blog. 

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Delve into a few of the following HVAC blog ideas to form your blog’s foundation. 

21. BTUs: What Are They and How Do They Relate To Your HVAC System?

22. [X] Troubleshooting Tips Every Homeowner Should Try Before Calling in the Pros

23. Indoor Air Quality: [X] Things You Can Do To Improve the Air You Breathe

24. What Is the Optimal Indoor Humidity Level?

25. Growing Mold? [X] Remediation Tips To Mitigate Mold Progression

26. What Temperature Should You Set Your AC Unit To?

27. Why Does My Heating System Smell Like It’s Burning?

28. New Furnace: How Much Can You Expect To Save on Monthly Energy Costs?

29. How Often Should You Clean Your Home’s Air Ducts?

30. Do You Need To Have Your HVAC System Serviced Annually?

31. Window AC Unit Vs. New HVAC System: Which Saves More Money Long-term?

32. The Top [X] Furnace Problems Reported By Homeowners 

33. The Top [X] HVAC System Problems Reported By Homeowners 

34. What Are the Pros and Cons of Purchasing an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

35. Ceiling Fans: Do They Help Keep Rooms Cool?

36. What’s a Ductless AC System and How Effective Are They?

37. Indoor Air Pollutants: Watch Out For These Top [X] Offenders

38. Can a Space Heater Save You Money on Energy Bills?

39. How Does Animal Hair Affect Your Home’s Air Filter?

40. WiFi-enabled Thermostats: Are They Worth Investing In?


Homeowners love a good checklist because they simplify and organize tasks. This is a great opportunity for your HVAC business to help customers accomplish essential tasks related to their home heating and cooling systems. 

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Pro Tip: Create free downloadable versions of your checklists so your audience or customers can easily print and start checking off completed tasks. 

Here are a few HVAC checklist ideas to get your creative juices flowing: 

41. Spring Cleaning: Make Sure You Check Off These [X] HVAC Tasks

42. Your Ultimate Summer HVAC System Checklist

43. Your Ultimate Winter HVAC System Checklist

44. The Most Comprehensive HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

45. HVAC System Safety: Check Off These Items To Ensure Your Home System Is Operating Safely

Comparison Posts

People often need help making important decisions about their home’s environment and functionality. HVAC systems are a long-term investment for most homeowners, and the process of educating themselves can feel overwhelming. Since you and your business are the experts, this is a fantastic opportunity to help homeowners feel secure and comfortable by making well-informed decisions. 

Consider these HVAC blog ideas to get the content train rolling:

46. Heating & Cooling: Ductless vs. Ducts Home Systems

47. Google Nest vs. Amazon Smart Thermostat: Which To Choose?

48. American Standard vs. Heil: Which Central Air Conditioning Unit Is Best?

49. What HVAC System Is Best? Split Systems vs. Combinations

50. Central Air vs. Ductless Mini-Splits: Pros, Cons, and Which To Choose


You’re the professional, which means your opinion on products in the HVAC industry holds some serious weight. You can offer your audience reviews on the best water heaters, ventilation hoods, or central air conditioning systems. Your expertise may help homeowners decide which product to purchase.

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Consider reviewing specific products from the following categories.

51. Water Heaters

52. Furnaces

53. Central Air Conditioning Systems

54. Air Conditioning Window Units

55. Heat Pumps

56. Ventilation Systems 

57. Ventilation Hoods

58. Fans

59. Air Purifiers 

60. Split System Air Conditioners

61. Radiators 

62. Water Chillers

Industry News

What’s breaking in the industry? Has a recent study resulted in alarming news? Is the economy affecting the HVAC industry as a whole? You and your business can bring developing or breaking news directly to the people.

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Here are a few topics related to the news to consider. 

63. Present the news on a recent study about indoor air quality

64. Discuss news about HVAC concerning the current economic climate

65. Discuss recent growth or trends in Smart Home Technology

66. Present the news of recent awards in the industry

67. Have any big HVAC players taken part in mergers? Report on it.

68. Have any manufacturer reports stood out? Report on them and give your take.

Other HVAC Blog Post Ideas

Do you need more blog ideas for HVAC business marketing? Check out these HVAC blog topics that will add authenticity and uniqueness to your business blog.

69. Personal Stories or Case Studies: Did a customer have a great experience with your business? Describe how you solved their problem by offering real-life tangible results. (This is great for lead conversion)

70. Guest Authors: What other respected professionals in the HVAC business might add value to your blog? Ask them if they would be willing to provide a guest blog post for your site.

71. Interviews: You can essentially interview anybody interesting in the HVAC industry and publish it on your blog. Get creative!

72. Problem/Solution Posts: Highlight some common HVAC problems homeowners may encounter and offer potential solutions. 

73. Surveys and Polls: Pose a question to your audience and wait for the results to pile in. Analyze and publish the results.

Final Thoughts on Blog Ideas for HVAC Business Marketing

These blog ideas for HVAC business owners only scratch the surface of possibilities. However, we hope our list has provided valuable insight into how to approach your company’s marketing blog. Each topic you discuss brings authentic value to your readership and potential new customers. 

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Did you find any of these topics to be helpful? Do you have other ideas that we didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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