51 Blog Ideas for Landscaping Business Owners

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Are you considering adding a blog to your marketing efforts to help boost business and expand your customer base? Generating a list of blog ideas for a landscaping business is a great way to engage more homeowners in your community while offering your expertise in the industry.

The problem is you don’t know where to start. What would you write about? What type of content should you create? How do small businesses like yours begin implementing this engaging marketing strategy and ensure successful customer conversions? It takes some time and effort, but the rewards are bountiful.

In this post, we’ll offer 51 blog ideas for landscaping business owners to get your blog growing faster than weeds on the patio. From “How To” guides to seasonal tips and checklists to holiday advice, we leave no stone unturned. We’ll also offer tips to boost the reach in your community using local SEO.

Shortly, you’ll be able to envision and start building a solid foundation for a successful small business blog in the landscaping industry.   

Let’s get started!

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“How To” Guides 

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their lawns, eliminate pests, and get their grass greener so they can brag to their buddies about it. Why not offer homeowners some valuable insight? “How To” guides are a great way to connect with your audience and establish foundational evergreen content on your website.

Here are a few blog ideas for landscaping business owners that may appeal to potential customers in your coverage area:

1. How To Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

2. How To Prevent Animals From Ruining Your Lawn

3. How To Keep Your Home’s Greenhouse Operational During the Winter

4. How To Incorporate Patio Lighting Into Your Backyard

5. How To Increase the Lifespan of Your Lawnmower 

6. How To Keep Your Soil Healthy

7. How To Prepare Your Pool for Winter

8. How To Winterize Your Home’s Irrigation System

9. How To Create Unique Water Features on Your Property

10. How To Create a Butterfly Garden

11. How To Protect Your Masonry Work From Water Damage

12. How To Make the Most of Your Small Garden

13. How To Choose Healthy Nursery Plants

14. How To Implement an Effective Weeding Strategy

15. How To Attract Birds To Your Backyard

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Informational & Resource Blog Ideas for Business Owners

People are always eager to learn new things, try different techniques, or expand on what they already know. This is an excellent opportunity to offer homeowners your expertise and provide valuable landscaping insight. Offering free and helpful information via a small business blog is a great way to build trust, authority, and customer loyalty.

Check out a few of these informational landscaping blog topic ideas:  

16. What Are the Signs of Overwatering or Underwatering Your Trees?

17. Early Spring: Prepping Your Yard for Fertilizer 

18. Fall Lawn Care: Tips, Tricks, &Hacks for Your Lawn

19. When Is the Best Time To Plant Grass seed? 

20. When Is the Best Time To Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs?

21. Backyard Privacy: The Best Trees To Create Your Private Oasis

22. Pet Safety: Keep These Plants Out of Your Yard

23. Can Certain Plants Repel Mosquitoes?

24. Hardscaping: What Is It and How Can It Benefit Your Property?

25. Aerating Your Soil: Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

26. Are Robotic Lawnmowers the Future of Home Lawn Care?

27. Outdoor Design: Essential Outdoor Lighting Effects 

28. Petscaping: Creating the Perfect Outdoor Oasis for Your Four-Legged Friends

29. Lawn Care Fundamentals: What Grass Type Is Right for Your Yard?

30. These Plants Will Liven Up the Shadiest Part of Your Backyard

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Holiday Tips & Advice

The holidays offer endless opportunities for you to reach new customers. In neighborhoods across America, homeowners secretly (or not so secretly) compete to be the most festive house on the block. Since you and your business are experts in creating outdoor magic, why not offer homeowners valuable advice on becoming this year’s most festive residence?

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Here are a few holiday landscaping ideas to consider adding to your business blog:

31. Everything You Need To Know About Christmas Lights

32. Creating a Unique Autumnal Garden Design

33. Is Your Outdoor Space Holiday Ready? Make Sure With These Essential Tips

34. [X] Unique Ideas For Creating Festive Curb Appeal This Holiday Season

Lawn Care Checklist Blog Ideas for Landscaping Business Owners

Do you have a checklist for everything in your life? You’re not alone. People innately love a good checklist. So, what a great opportunity to offer valuable content and something tangible that your customers can look to for guidance. You’re the expert, so no one is more qualified to compile a solid checklist. You can even offer a free download for your customers to print.

Consider creating a few of these essential checklists on your landscaping blog, and put your unique twist on it!

35. Spring Lawn Care Essentials: Everything You Need To Get Your Yard Blooming

36. Fall Lawn Care Essentials: Everything You Need To Create an Autumnal Oasis

37. Lawn Care Tools: The Yard Tools Every Homeowner Needs In Their Shed

38. Planting a Garden: Everything You Need To Get Started

39. Composting: Get These Essential Items To Begin Your Composting Journey

40. Is Your Lawn Ready To Defend Against Insect Infestations? Make Sure With These Essential Items

Lawn Care Comparisons

Do you have insight into what the best tools of the trade are? You likely do, so why not share your expertise on the matter? Pitting two products against each other is a great way to help homeowners narrow their options and choose the best product for their circumstances.

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Here are a few comparison blog post ideas to get you started:

41. Mulch, Soil, or Stone: Determining the Best Option for Your Landscape Beds

42: Broadcast Spreaders: Scotts Elite Broadcast Spreader Vs. ECHO RB-60 Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

43: Lawn Mowers: Gas or Electric – Which One Should You Buy?

Landscape Design Blog Ideas for Landscaping Business Owners

Homeowners love adding authentic and unique elements to their outdoor space. Are you an expert in crafting the perfect fire pit or designing a dream outdoor kitchen? Offering landscape design ideas is a great way to get your customer’s minds wandering, and before long, you might land a new contract to build that epic fire pit.

Here are some landscaping design ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

44. [YEAR]: The Next Big Thing To Look Out For In Landscape Architecture

45. Making the Most of Your Small Backyard 

46. Faux Plant Walls: Are They Right for Your Home?

47. Could Window Boxes Be What Your Home Design Is Missing?

48. A Garden in Your Driveway? Yes, It’s a Thing!

49. Creative Hardscaping: Taking Your Outdoor Space To the Next Level

50. Incorporating Water Fountains Into Your Landscape Scheme 

51. Developing Depth: Tackling Multi-Level Landscaping In Your Backyard 

Final Thoughts

These blog ideas for landscaping business owners are only the tip of the iceberg. However, we hope the list has provided valuable insight into how to approach your company’s marketing blog.

On top of these content ideas, exploring case studies, revealing industry news, and participating in interviews with experts in your field are all excellent marketing strategies. Each brings unique and original value to your audience and potential new customers. 

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Did you find any of these topics to be helpful? Do you have other ideas that we didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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